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What material is your product made of?

The material used is PLA, or polylactic acid, which is produced from an environmentally friendly non-toxic resin obtained from starch, which is found in various crops, such as corn, potatoes, grains. The material is light but very durable.

Can 3D printed products be kept outside?

Yes, the material is moisture resistant, but it is not recommended to keep them in direct sunlight for a long time. Our garden decorations can be safely kept on the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace. The material withstands temperatures not higher than 60 degrees.

Are there different sizes available?

Yes, it is possible to individually agree on different sizes. Maximum height 45 cm high, 40 cm wide.

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we deliver anywhere in the world. We provide delivery via Latvian Post office or DPD parcels.

Your products are available in stores?

  • "MūsMāja",
    Tērbatas street 5, Riga;

  • "Rozes Bode", Teātra street 4, Old Riga;

  • Salonshop "Akcents", Tirgus street 2, Kuldīga;

  • "Latvis Dara", Liepsalas, Aizkraukles district;

  • Flower salon "Palle",
    Rīgas street 23, Carnikava, Ādažu district

  • Shop "Daba":

Peldu street 9, Liepāja;

Annas street 2, Ventspils;

Rīgas street 66A, Valmiera