About us

We are a family business from Carnikava, Latvia. The idea of ​​purchasing a 3D printer arose when we were looking for solutions to get the part we needed and realized that the only solution is to create it ourselves.

Christmas time came and we had to start thinking about gifts for our loved ones, since every year we create something ourselves - we didn't have to think long - let's print.

Taking into account that a lottery was held and a universal gift was needed - the idea of ​​a vase came up, because we had only two of them at home ourselves. We even used jars and glasses as vases for smaller flowers.
And, of course, vase is useful and practical as a gift for everyone.

The recipient of the gift was very surprised and that's how we encountered the first reactions and realized that it could be interesting to others as well :)

It was very important for us that the material is environmentally friendly and also durable.

Of course, we previously tested that water does not leak from the vases and that the vase can be used safely.

We sincerely hope that our products will be useful for you, as well as for others, already in several hundreds of homes!

Thank you for supporting small family businesses :)