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Lamp collection

3D printed lamp shades with the cord included. A unique design elements... 

Here you will find unique design vaseslamps and other interior items.
We use an environmentally friendly material - polylactic acid
(PLA), which is produced from renewable resources, such as corn and sugarcane. 

It's sustainable nature supports our mission to create a cleaner and healthier environment.

AURA 3D is a family business that cares about the environment, offering eco-friendly solutions in today's technological world.

We are inspired by the idea that there are no limits in the 3D printing world!

And we stick to this saying: "If you can think it - we can print it!"

  • Vases and water

    Water can be poured into the vases. In addition to safety, we have processed the inside of the vases with a special material that repels moisture. Vases may be washed in water not hotter than 60 degrees.

  • Wide range of options

    The interior items in the e-shop are available in various sizes and
    colors. Standard sizes and colors are listed with each item. If you have special wishes - we will be happy to realize them together!

  • Individual orders & Corporate gifts

    If you have any questions or need something individual and personalized (company logo or special greeting), please contact us via e-mail: info@aura3d.eu

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