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Vase (20 cm) “Shine” | Outlet

Vase (20 cm) “Shine” | Outlet

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Pēdējā iespēja! Dosim vietu jauniem dizainiem!

Bez defektiem.

3D printēta vāze no dabai draudzīga materiāla; krāsa: matēti melna;

Izmēri 20x12,5cm;

Izturīgs, dabai draudzīgs materiāls PLA (polipienskābe) ir ražots no atjaunojamiem resursiem kā kukurūza un cukurniedres.

Katra vāze ir unikāla, printēta 3,5h un sastāv no ~700 slāņiem;

Radīta un ražota Latvijā.


Last chance! Let's make room for new designs!

Without defects.

3D printed vase from eco friendly material; color: matt black;

Dimensions 20x12,5cm;

Durable, eco-friendly material PLA (polylactic acid), which is produced from renewable resources, such as corn and sugarcane. 

Each vase is unique, printed in 3,5h and consists of ~700 layers;

Design created and produced in Latvia.


PLA (polylactic acid) is material, which are made from environmentally friendly non-toxic resin obtained from starch found in various crops such as corn, potatoes, grains).


See at the description. Different sizes can be negotiated individually.

Care information

May be washed in water not hotter than 60 degrees.

Do not wash in the dishwasher.

If possible, do not keep in direct sunlight for a long time.

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